Elevated Camping: Meet The Snow Peak ‘Sky Nest’



The Sky Nest is a hammock-tent combo that hangs between two trees and provides the comforts and amenities of a common terrestrial tent. If you’ve always wanted to set up a tent on the side of a steep hill, play cards in a hammock, or spend the night pretending you’re in the International Space Station, now you can.

Don’t get your hopes up yet, though. The Sky Nest is currently only available in Japan, where Snow Peak is headquartered. Apparently, us American’s aren’t prepared to handle the glory of a hammock-tent. For now, portaledges are the closest we’ll get.



The whole shabang weighs a monstrous 28.66 lbs., which begins to make more sense when you consider its stainless steel bottom frame, metal hooks and carabiners, straps, and more. The contraption can sleep two people comfortably, with a spacious 7.2 ft. x 4.25 ft. base and a height of 3.6 ft.

Its amenities, beyond serving as a sheltered, floating cot, include under-storage for shoes, enviable mesh windows for prime stargazing and breathability, and a retractable inner lining that creates a waterproof shelter when needed.



The floating dwelling comes with a hefty price tag of $1,300 and a flight to Japan, as it only sells and ships to Japan addresses.

We’re hoping that Snow Peak’s Sky Nest starts making waves worldwide and jumpstarts the conversation and R&D behind lightweight (and cheaper!) hammock-tents in the outdoor industry. Until then, check out the the suspended Tentsile tree fort, futuristic shape and all.


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